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Enhancing The Consciousness, Education And Rights Of Black Women In Manitoba.


Personal Finance for Black Youth is a free workshop that span across June-July of summer 2022. The project was designed to help Black Youths ages 18-29 living in Canada build hands-on, experiential financial literacy skills, develop a positive money mindset and improve their ability/confidence to make informed financial decisions.

The Project was piloted by 5 friends Bunmi, Funmi, Fikky, Barbara and Victoria whose lived experiences and desire for bridging the gap in their community inspired it’s creation.

The project was funded through Community Innovators Youth Program by Volunteer Manitoba in partnership with RBC Future Launch and the Program leads were mentored by Congress Of Black Women Manitoba inc.

Presented by Busola Ojikutu, a senior associate at MNP LLP. 

Budgeting & Smart Consumerism

This workshop is a basic introduction to money management, smart consumerism, income expenditure and how to best utilize your income; using budgeting as a tool to guide through this process. The workshop explored budgeting tips, reasons for budgeting, easy and flexible budgeting tools/apps tailored for regular people with practical, in class budgeting worksheets for each participant in attendance.

Presented by Bolaji Fasasi, a senior auditor.

Introduction to Tax

This workshop introduces participants to the income taxation system in Canada. It explores the importance of paying taxes, how income tax brackets work, tips on reducing your tax payable and the benefits of filing taxes. The workshop also examined the different parts of a pay statement and provided an explanation of the different deductions. 

Presented by Jumoke Dada, a senior financial analyst with the Manitoba Government.

Setting Financial Goals

This workshop highlights various long term financial goals such as buying a home, saving for children’s education and retirement and provides guidance on reaching those goals. The workshop examines various investment vehicles, including TFSA, RESP and RRSP and how to benefit maximally from those accounts. The presentation also explores the different government programs for seniors in retirement. 


Presented by Oyinda Olanrewaju, owner of Co-work bookkeeping.

Savings & Investments

This presentation explores how to make smart saving and investment decisions. This presentation debunks myths about savings and investments, explores the difference between short term and long term saving goals and the different types of bank accounts appropriate for each. The workshop also explores how the stock market works and different types of investment including stocks, bonds and EFTs and explains the eighth wonder of the world: compound interest.

Become A Member

Members help The Congress assist Black women all over Manitoba. The Congress relies on the knowledge, skills and experience of each member that creates the community.

Through discipline, collaboration and civility, members work to create space for Black Women to thrive in Manitoba. Members inspire and believe in each other actively working towards shared goals and celebrating successes along the way.

Membership is open to all Black women in Manitoba who are at least sixteen years of age. All members must identify and agree with the aims and objectives of the Congress.

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