Our objectives:

  • To plan and implement programs geared to the needs of Black Women of all ages in Manitoba;
  • To encourage the education and development of Black Women and to familiarize them with the educational systems and institutions so that they and their families may achieve their full potential;
  • To increase awareness and provide a forum for Black Women in Manitoba to discuss relevant issues and recommend solutions for constructive change;
  • To foster a climate in which it is acceptable for Black Women to openly examine issues and concerns which affect them and their families.

Areas of Interest and Concern:

  • Black consciousness and History – special emphasis on Black Women in Canada
  • Strategies for effective employment, job interviews skills, resume writing and career counselling
  • Consumer awareness – budgeting, finances, income tax returns
  • Social actions – employment and workplace standards for domestic affirmative action, human rights and pension reform
  • Health concerns – eg: hypertension, cancer, sickle cell
  • International issues – related to third world women
  • Submission of briefs to government and their agencies are undertaken whenever necessary
  • Facilitation, public speaking and computer skills
  • Cross cultural relations