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Black Women in Manitoba.

Living History: Local Voices, Racial Inequality on the job: Then and Now

Oral history is a way of collecting and interpreting human memories to foster knowledge, knowledge transfer, and human dignity. Living History: Manitoba Educators 1960s-1980s – is a video that highlights the experiences of ten (10) Black educators, from various levels of academia, who emigrated from the Caribbean. Listen to them share their poignant and personal experiences as they navigate the Canadian educational system during the 1960s to the 1980s. Viewers will have the opportunity to reflect actively on their own personal experiences. This will help them to create a comparison between life then and now. 

DISCLAIMER: This video is a Congress of Black Women (COBW) and MultiSec funded Initiative. The views and opinions expressed in this video are those of the speakers and do not necessarily express the views and opinions held by the Congress. This video is not to be reproduced or used for profit.

This video is for general informational purposes only.  COBW reserves all rights.

Supporting Documents

The resources below are to be used with the Living History: Local Voices, Racial Inequality on the job: Then and Now video. Each document provides in-depth instruction that guides participants on an inquiry-based journey encouraging them to examine personal beliefs and critically think about ways to make a difference.

ENGAGEMENTS: The participants in this video are willing to participate in panels or Q & A discussions. If you would like to have participant-educators present in your classroom or at your event, please contact:

Dr. Lois Stewart-Archer

Living History Project Coordinator

COBW Past President


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