Members help The Congress assist Black women all over Manitoba. The Congress relies on the knowledge, skills and experience of each member that creates the community.

Through discipline, collaboration and civility, members work to create space for Black Women to thrive in Manitoba. Members inspire and believe in each other actively working towards shared goals and celebrating successes along the way.

Membership is open to all Black women in Manitoba who are at least sixteen years of age. All members must identify and agree with the aims and objectives of the Congress.

Benefits of Membership

  • Supportive interchange with other Black Women
  • Opportunity to discuss issues which directly affect your life, and actively work to provide solutions and influence changes to better our lives and community
  • Access to updates within the community that include news on job opportunities, grants, scholarships, events and more!
  • Volunteer opportunities that teach new skills and utilize existing ones
  • All members, active in the organization for at least six (6) months, can stand for elections. Members are encouraged to work on committees to gain knowledge of the Congress and to develop their organizations skills


Due annually on April 1

Regular membership: $30

Student & Youth membership: $10

Membership Signup

Please note: to be eligible for the Student Membership Fee, you must be in enrolled in a recognized post-secondary school.