Enhancing the consciousness, education and rights of Black Women in Manitoba.

Who We Are

Forged from a common heritage, common struggles and a common endeavor, and recognizing that self-respect and self-esteem are important to the development of our people, the Congress of Black Women of Manitoba Inc is a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the awareness, education and rights of Black Women and their families in Manitoba. This is done through the delivery of programs and projects, informed by meaningful dialogue and geared to serve the needs, hopes and aspirations of Black Women and their families.

Our Objectives

  • To plan and implement programs geared to the needs of Black Women of all ages in Manitoba
  • To encourage the education and development of Black Women and to familiarize them with the educational systems and institutions so that they and their families may achieve their full potential
  • To increase awareness and provide a forum for Black Women in Manitoba to discuss relevant issues and recommend solutions for constructive change
  • To foster a climate in which it is acceptable for Black Women to openly examine issues and concerns which affect them and their families